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Media Inquiries

Media interested in Hearing Components, Inc. or Comply™ products should contact us at (800) 872-8986 or by email.

Comply™ in the news

Jun 29 2010
Fashionable Comply Foam Tips S-Series Pump Up Earphone Style
Transform Listening Experiences from Ordinary to Extraordinary

May 28 2010
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Rules in Favor of Hearing Components 
The court of appeals ruled in favor of Hearing Components on infringement of two patents by Shure, Inc.

Jan 04 2010
CES 2010 Media Info
All the latest Comply News & Events from CES 2010!

Dec 28 2009
Consumers Echo Complaints about Earphone Comfort and Fit
Hearing Components survey highlights pain points experienced by consumers using iPods and MP3 players.

Dec 21 2009
Comply NR-10i Earphones Enhance the iPhone Experience
Now available on!

Oct 08 2009 to Give Away Premium Headphones through Twitter Promotion
Win Skullcandy's wicked wooden Holua earbuds!

Jul 01 2009
New Comply Foam Tips Tx-Series Protect and Enhance the Listening Experience
Integrated Wax-Guard technology protects earphones from corrosion and debris, while providing superior comfort and noise isolation.

Jan 06 2009
NEW! Comply NR-10i Earphones Enhance the iPhone Experience
iPhone owners rejoice!

Dec 08 2008
Stocking Stuffers for iPod Users
Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers for iPod Users

Nov 14 2008
Tradeshow Attendance 2009 Season
See where to find us at the 2009 tradeshows!

Jun 02 2008
Consumer Earphone Favorites Philips, Skullcandy and Ultimate Ears Now Feature Comply Foam Tips
Hearing Components has entered into partnerships with several leading consumer brands to feature Comply Foam Tips in select earphone packages.

May 09 2008
Comply NR-10 Earphones Receive Superior Noise Reduction Rating 
Comply NR-10 High Tech Noise Reducing Earphones have received an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 dB.

Mar 21 2008
New Comply Earphones Enhance the Travel Experience
Comply NR-10 earphones provide consumers with military-grade noise reduction

Feb 07 2008
Comply Foam Tips - The Ultimate Earphone Upgrade
Ultra-soft foam tips provide superior comfort, enhanced bass response, and a secure stay-in-ear fit

Dec 21 2007
Whoomp! Up Your iPod Experience
Super-soft foam tip earphones and accessories stay in the ear & improve sound quality...

Editor Reviews

Update your Apple In-Ear Headphones with Whoomp! Foam Tips
Posted on Jan 19 2011
St. Paul's Pioneer Press recommends Whoomp! Foam Tips!

New York Times - Looking for better sound? Here's a tip!
Posted on Dec 29 2010
Stephen Williams @ NY Times says "[Comply Foam Tips] put me in my own little musical world..."

Hands-On With Comply Foam Tips
Posted on Jun 22 2010
Laptop Mag's K.T. Bradford reviews the T-400 and Tx-400 tips

BuyMe An
Posted on Feb 19 2010
Editor's choice! 9/10 for Comply Foam Tips and Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers! Video Review!
Posted on Aug 27 2009
Bill Henderson at iPhoneWorld gives Comply Foam Tips 9/10 stars!
Posted on Jul 31 2009
iProng Magazine's Bill Palmer gives the NR-10i earphones 4 out of 5 stars!
Posted on Jul 27 2009
John Nemerovski from approves of new Tx-Series with Wax Guard!
Posted on Mar 24 2009
Artie Alinikoff from gives "kudos" to the NR-10i earphones for iPhone!

You Tube
Posted on Feb 02 2009
Marketing guru and syndicated columnist Terry Brock demonstrates the NEW Comply NR-10i Earphones for iPhone!

Zune Thoughts
Posted on Nov 10 2008
Make Extended Listening Enjoyable with Comply Foam Tips!

Posted on Oct 20 2008
CNET's Jasmine France enjoys the improved comfort of Comply Foam Tips!

Trusted Reviews
Posted on Sep 28 2008
The UK's Trusted Reviews takes the Comply NR-10's for a spin!

Posted on Sep 25 2008
Dan Frakes of MacWorld raves about Comply Foam Tips!

Sacramento Bee
Posted on Jul 20 2008
Janet Fullwood gets "transported" with our Comply NR-10 noise reduction earphones

Washington Post
Posted on May 18 2008
The Washington Post's travel editor tries out Comply NR-10 Noise Reduction Earphones!

Gear Diary
Posted on Apr 14 2008
Gear Diary rocks the boat with Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers!