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We manufacture the following Comply™ audiology products.

audiology adhear Ad-Hear™ and Ad-Hear™ Plus Cerumen Guards help prevent hearing instrument cerumen repairs. Cerumen (earwax) is the single greatest cause of hearing-aid failure. These guards keep earwax out, preventing expensive repairs, and are easy to use.

audiology canal tipsComply™ Canal Tips can replace the traditional earmold on many hearing devices. The slow-recovery foam conforms to the ear canal and is comfortable, hygienic, and quick and easy to use. Many hearing specialists and audiologists endorse Comply™ Canal Tips. Buy Now

audiology snap tips Comply™ Snap Tips are made of high-tech foam that forms a dynamic seal in the ear canal, so they expand with jaw movements. This can dramatically reduce feedback. These soft foam tips offer superior comfort and a transparent, built-in cerumen (earwax) filter.

audiology-soft-wrapsComply™ Soft Wraps instantly improve the fit and eliminate feedback of handmade, custom earmolds, ITEs and CICs. These hearing aid strips are also comfortable and easy to use.

To purchase and receive Ad-Hear™ and Ad-Hear™ Plus Cerumen Guards, Comply™ Canal Tips, Comply™ Snap Tips and Comply™ Soft Wraps, please directly contact the following partners:


(800) 242-5436

Lloyds Hearing Aid
(800) 323-4212


Oaktree Products
(800) 347-1960

Warner Tech-Care
(800) 328-4757

(800) 242-5436

ADCO Hearing Products
(800) 726-0851

Great Lakes Earmold Laboratories
(800) 824-8184

Precision Labs
(800) 327-4792